Skin Lesion Removal in Dubai.

Skin lesions can be distressing and aggravating, which is why we, at La Mar Aesthetics Surgery Centre, offer a solution with all the modern procedures we offer.

What is skin lesion removal?

Skin lesion removal is a procedure or surgery to remove growths on your skin. You may have a skin lesion removed because it is too big, bothersome or uncomfortable. Or you may have a lesion removed because it could be cancerous or precancerous.

Often the doctor can remove simple skin lesions during a routine visit. In some cases, the doctor may remove the lesion in an operating room. This depends on the size and type of lesion.

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The ways and procedures of removal

  • Biopsy:The doctor cuts out or shaves a small part of the lesion. A doctor looks at the sample to see if there are any cancer cells.
  • Excision:The doctor cuts out the entire lesion and, often, some of the area around it.
  •  Cryosurgery:The doctor uses a very cold liquid or special tool to freeze and destroy skin cells.
  •  Curettage:The doctor uses a special tool to scrape away parts of your lesion.
  • Electrocautery:The doctor uses a device that gives off an electrical current to destroy, burn, or cut out skin cells.
  •  Laser surgery:The doctor uses a device that gives off laser light to destroy skin lesions.
  • Mohs micrographic surgery:The doctor removes tissue one layer at a time and checks for cancer cells.
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