Burn Reconstructive Surgery in Dubai.

Burn scars are misfortunate. Luckily, at La Mar Clinics, we succeed in high-tech technology and the utmost care for our patients. For that, we offer skin treatments like burn reconstructive surgery.

Burn reconstructive surgery will help improve basic functions and make scars less noticeable.

How can burn scars affect you?

  • Scarring can limit the normal motion of several parts of your body.
  • Facial scarring that lead to problems with the eyelids, lips or hair loss.
  • Abnormally thick, wide or discolored scars.
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How can we help?

Help release contracture and help a patient regain range of motion. The facial scarring mentioned before can also be helped with La Mar’s reconstructive burn surgery. Scars that are thick, wide or discolored can also be improved by a variety of operative and non-operative methods.

La Mar Aesthetic Surgery Centre offers high tech medical technology and beauty treatments in a relaxed environment, where patient safety, privacy, and comfort are our top priority. La Mar offers the latest Burn Reconstructive Surgery procedures in our State-of-the-Art Aesthetic Clinic in Dubai.